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Alessandra Pompei is an Italian Canadian Jewellery designer, Graduated in 2020 from Ocad University, Toronto, Canada. Creating a highly distinctive style that celebrates modernity and blendes with her rich Roman background. She blends modernity with true craftsmanship. 

With stylistic daring and taking ethical decisions, Alessandra Pompei's jewellery is highly recognizable in its striking originality and bizarre designs. 



Alessandra Pompei 



About Me

"Her determination, devotion, and discipline results in fine art.



© 2020 by the Photographer @leburrger.

Alessandra Pompei, Creator of Pompei Fine JewelleryMerges tradition and modernity, creating each design with absolute freedom and ethical considerations in mind.

Pompei Fine Jewellery



Pompei Fine Jewellery is committed to proving transparency on all the raw materials used and the fabrication process.

 Alessandra Pompei ensures that the origins of all materials are conflict-free. Pompei Fine Jewellery  is respecting the fundamental principles of environmental and social ethics.

Pompei Fine Jewellery is designed and made with the integration of ethical, social, and environmental considerations in mind.


© 2020 by the Photographer @leburrger.

Urbano di vicinato

Place Of Inspiration 

With a unique vision of luxury that originates in Rome, Italy Alessandra Pompei's homeland, and the compelling modernity that came with her completing the postsecondary studies in Toronto, Canada.    

Alessandra Pompei is a contemporary Italian jewellery designer based in Toronto.  Alessandra Pompei values her rich Italian past while merging it with modern designs. All of this is held together with enthusiasm, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Alessandra's desire for superior craftsmanship, dedication, and careful attention to detail ensures it to be one of a kind. All the while, she hopes to extend the notion of what jewellery can be... The real essence of one of kind luxury.


 Fine Jewellery 

Instagram: pompei.fine.jewellery

Tel: +1 (647) 687-7912

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