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Custom Jewellery

Beginning a custom order  

First Step

Creating Customized Jewellery is our strength! Customers get to commission the designer one of a kind piece of jewellery that has been made specifically for them. This is a great way to merge your own taste and your own budget into a piece of jewellery  that is made exclusvly for you!

The first step is to send an email at with your vision and a range of the price that you are looking to spend. including pictures and possible materials that you may want to incorporate like metal "sterling silver, 18K yellow gold.." or gemstones like "Garnet, Emareald, Diamonds..."

Approving custom design 

Second Step

A week from the day that we receive your email you will forward one to three designs that respect your initial budget and some variations that you may like or take into consideration. Once you pick the best design option, to go ahead with the making we take a 50% deposit and we will get started on handcrafting your custom piece.

"Details on payment types can be arranged by email."


For any custom piece, we take 3-6 weeks to complete, if there is any deadline please include it in your initial email.

Getting your custom piece

Third Step

Pompei fine jewellery is based in Toronto, Canada so for the customes that are based in this locations it may be possible to organize for pick up in person, if not with an extra fee it's possible to ships the jewellery piece to your location.

The custom piece needs to be paid in full prior to pick up or shipment!

"Details on payment types can be arranged by email." 


 Fine Jewellery 

Instagram: pompei.fine.jewellery

Tel: +1 (647) 687-7912

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